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"There is no such thing as 'away'. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere."

- Annie Leonard

About Earth care


Our mission is to nurture a greener, more sustainable earth by drastically reducing plastic usage.


Our vision at Earth Care is to be a catalyst for positive environmental change and lead the way towards a plastic-free world. We envision a future where our products set the industry benchmark for sustainability, encouraging both individuals and businesses to make eco-conscious choices.

We aim to expand our range of plant-based, compostable products, making them accessible to all and contributing significantly towards a cleaner, greener, and healthier planet.  

Together with our customers, we aim to spark a global shift towards sustainability.

who we are

Earth Care champions a sustainable future by offering eco-friendly products made from plant-derived resources, promoting a lifestyle devoid of plastics and harsh chemicals.

our roots

Our roots are anchored in a profound respect for Earth and a resolve to combat plastic pollution. Transitioning our lifestyles to embrace solar energy, home composting, and extensive recycling, the idea of Earth Care sprouted. We envisioned a collective where sustainable living isn't a chore, but a mindful choice. Thus, Earth Care was sown to foster eco-conscious living, transforming personal endeavors into joining a global movement for a greener future. Through Earth Care, we extend an invitation to everyone: join us, nurture eco-friendly choices, and let's cultivate a sustainable legacy together.


Our philosophy hinges on three pillars: affordability, accessibility, and ease.

  • We strive to remove costly supply chain inefficiencies, making our eco-friendly products affordable.
  • Leveraging e-commerce technologies, we ensure our products are easily accessible.
  • We aim to make eco-conscious choices frictionless for our customers, fostering a seamless shift towards a sustainable lifestyle.


Bagasse / Sugarcane / Bamboo Fiber

Plates, bowls, trays, and clamshell containers made from organic materials. These are excellent replacement for plastic and Styrofoam products that serve similar function.

Clear PLA

Clear PLA, or Polylactic Acid, is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugarcane. We offer clear PLA products such as cold cups, portion cups, deli containers, sushi trays, straws, and more.

Crystallized PLA

Crystallized PLA improves the heat resistance. The products that require withstanding higher temperatures are made with CPLA, such as cutlery, hot cup lids, hot food container lids etc.

PLA-Lined Paper

When paper products are lined with PLA, it makes them compostable, since PLA is made from organic materials such as corn. We offer a range of products including hot cups, soup containers, paper takeout boxes and more.

Paper and Cardboard

When moisture and oil protection is not needed, the paper and cardboard are ultimate eco-friendly choices. Our paper straws and hot beverage cup sleeves are examples of such products.