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BRANDS we trust for Quality

We take painstaking effort to source only highest quality products. Accordingly, we have partnered with following highly trusted brands in the industry. Rest assured, every new addition to this list goes through our rigorous evaluation process.

World Centric

World Centric® products are the eco-friendly solution to your everyday consumption choices. Their 100% compostable products are made from renewable resources, require less energy and water to produce and reduce pollution and waste.

Stalk Market

Stalk Market™ compostable products was founded with a mission of producing and supplying 100% compostable and recycled products. This focused commitment has made Stalk Market a leader in providing cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable, single-use packaging products for the foodservice, grocery, and convenience store industries.


Planet+ brand offers an array of compostable food containers, hot cups, cold cups and lids in various sizes that meets the demand of your business.

BRANDS we trust for Quality

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