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Article: 6 Food Paper Bag Uses: Sustainable Packaging Solutions

6 Food Paper Bag Uses: Sustainable Packaging Solutions

There has been an increase in the ban on using plastic bags nowadays. This should however not let you down as you still have paper bags coming in for your rescue. Since their humble beginnings in the mid-eighteenth century, food paper bags have come a very long way be it with producers or satisfying customers with their toughness and durability. The box-shaped form allows these paper bags to stand upright while also being able to hold multiple items at a single time.

What’s more? You even get to customize your food paper bags especially when it comes to food industries. Using the right paper bags may also ensure that you bring in a consistent stream of clients to your business. Here you will get to know certain food paper bag uses and how to choose these eco-friendly food packaging.

1. Take Away Food Packaging

Restaurants always need to be on their toes when clients order meals to be delivered. In such a case, food paper bags act as a practical solution for customers to carry away their goods from a restaurant. French fries, popcorn, fried chips, and any other snacks you can easily carry in your paper bags. These are also available in various sizes ranging from rectangular to cone shapes or they can even be customized as per the client's preferences.

2. Counter Food Bags

Food businesses tend to require a variety of colors and sizes of counter paper bags which includes white greaseproof paper bags and brown paper bags. Kraft paper is used in making brown paper bags, which are completely recyclable and biodegradable. Wrappers may be required for serving fresh food and for this reason, white greaseproof paper bags are suitable. You can also use counter bags with your logo on them to sell little goods like wrapped snacks or sweets to gain brand recognition.

3. Eco-friendly Food packaging

Environmental protection is now one of the increasing trends. This is why environmentally conscious business owners are shifting to choose eco-friendly packaging. Paper bags that are eco-friendly food packaging fortunately are made from Kraft paper pulp and renewable wood pulp which are also considered to be biodegradable. This helps make the paper bags sturdier and hence can also be reused multiple times. This ensures that they do not end up in a landfill. Customers will also be happy with your decision as you tend to move towards a more sustainable future.

4. Cost-effective Packaging

Paper bags are a cost-effective packaging option especially when it comes to food packaging where cost tends to be a major issue. Despite being composed of paper, these types of bags tend to have a maximum weight capacity of approx. 25 pounds. The paper bag is also quite sturdy enough to take up all of your packaging needs.

5. To Increase Brand Awareness

Paper bags are also being used increasingly, especially by businesses for marketing purposes. It is also used in food packaging, seminars, and other such places where they can get brand recognition. One of the other reasons is because they are inexpensive and also provide great returns on such a short investment.

6. Organizing household items

You can also reuse your paper bags for organizing multiple household items. Organizing craft materials, small toys or even office supplies can be done easily. All you need to do is keep them inside the paper bag and hang them on the hangers. If this is not feasible then you can also opt to convert the paper bags into small boxes by folding them and storing items in them. This cost-effective packaging storage idea not only helps you to clear off countertops but also allows you to easily grab what you need whenever you require it.

Tips for Choosing the Right Food Paper Bag

Since plastic bags do not break down easily, people are now shifting to paper bags. However, with a lot of paper bag manufacturers producing these bags and trying to earn profits, there has been a lot of malpractice.

To avoid any safety issues from interfering with your food you need to be sure that it is safe to use. Hence to make sure you choose the right food paper bags here are certain tips that will help you choose the right away without having to sacrifice your safety.

Size and strength considerations

Size and strength are two of the most important factors that you need to consider while buying food paper bags. Buying the right size ensures that all your items fit in easily without having to compromise on space. Paper bags can also provide more strength especially since they are made of sustainable raw materials.

Food safety certifications

With hygiene and health being more of a priority than ever you need to be sure that all of your packaging products are food safe which also includes bags that are used to hold or transport food. Ask your suppliers if their paper bags are manufactured according to certain food-grade requirements. You also need to check for certain ISO or BRC-certified bags which ensure they are safe for food storage.

Recycled content and sustainability factors

Paper bags that are made from renewable resources tend to have multiple end-of-life options including recyclable properties. Strong enough to be reused by consumers on multiple occasions these food paper bags provide flexibility in their uses.


The best part of using these food paper bags? Well, they are not just simple but also quite inexpensive. Choosing paper bags with particular features can also seal in freshness while also lending to the aesthetic look of your business. Paper bags are also an eco-friendly and cost-effective packaging option that will add value to the business along with gaining customer appeal.


Why do restaurants put food in paper bags?

Paper bags are much easier to use to wrap food up than plastic paper bags apart from also being inexpensive. They are also more resilient and durable. All of these reasons make them one of the top choices in restaurants.

Does a paper bag protect food from germs?

Since paper bags are not airtight they can allow bacteria to grow on food. This is even more true if there is any moisture on it. Bacteria can also cause food poisoning hence leading to nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms.

Can food paper bags really help in keeping food fresh?

Paper bags are effective at insulating the food which is kept in them, especially providing the right temperature to keep it fresh for longer periods of time.

How can businesses benefit from using food paper bags?

There are multiple benefits that businesses get when they use food paper bags and these can be provided as follows:

  • Enhanced brand image of businesses
  • Customization options for customers that further attract customers
  • Saves a lot of money especially when it comes to food packaging.

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